Marion Oliver McCaw Hall Renovation

Seattle, Washington

Project Description

The renovation for the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall featured many new aesthetic elements, one of which was Dreaming in Color. This light installation features grand scrims bathed in color, designed by Seattle artist Lenu Schwendinger. The scrims are a sheer metal curtain through which colored lights are projected.

Scope of Work

CDC developed the scrim cable systems that connect the series of suspended screens to the exterior of the building. This included developing custom stainless steel fittings to anchor the screens and cables to the building structure. The cable tension system penetrates the exterior curtainwall to tie the outside screens laterally and spatially into the lobby area.

Prestressing forces in the cables were closely coordinated with the primary host structure to provide stable support conditions for anticipated thermal and seismic loads. Standard stainless steel fittings were used where possible, though a few custom castings and assemblies were developed to achieve the desired aesthetic form.

CDC Client

Baugh Construction

Design Architect

LMN Architects

Design Artist

Leni Schewendinger

Date of Completion